Why The New York Times, The Washington Post, And Politico Didn’t Run A Seemingly Killer Report On UFOs

On Monday, a headline-grabbing story about UFOs began illuminating certain corners of the internet. reads address piece Posted in The Debrief, a little-known website covering science and defense. In the story, a former intelligence official turned detective, David Grosh He claims that the US government is in possession of a “safe and partially intact vehicle of non-human origin”, information that has been “unlawfully withheld from Congress”. The article says that Grosch provided such classified information to Congress and the Inspector General of the Intelligence Community, and “filed a complaint alleging he experienced unlawful retaliation for his classified disclosure, first reported here.”

The story was written by him Ralph Blumenthal, who has spent over 45 years on the team New York times, And Leslie Kane An investigative science journalist known for her writing on UFOs. The two are famous for co-authoring—along with timesPentagon reporter Helen Cooper– Explosive 2017 UFO a report, in which reporters exposed the defunct secret Pentagon program—initially funded at the behest of former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid—to investigate “Unidentified Flying Objects.” (A1 story was accompanied by B Sidebar Written by the three authors and titled: “Two Navy Pilots, a Body” accelerates like nothing you’ve seen before. “) Monday , Sagar Engiti Political analyst and host of breaking points podcast, announce Blumenthal and Kane’s latest report was “the biggest UFO story since 2017.” now expose.” Tucker Carlson In the first batch of the new Twitter program On Tuesday, he declared (in what was an apparent exaggeration of the reports) that “UFOs are in fact real” and lashed out at the mainstream media for not covering the story: “In an ordinary country, this news would be a bomb-story for the millennium.” So why is it not turned on New York times?

I’ve learned that Kane and Blumenthal did, in fact, bring the story to me times, But the log paper rejected it. the times He did not respond to a request for comment, but Blumenthal, reached by phone, confirmed that the paper “passed through an early copy” in April. The couple also offered their story to Politico Washington Post. the mail He was trying to convey to the newspaper the story which the journalists had brought, but they did not think it ready for publication; Among his reservations, according to a familiar source, was that it wasn’t clear what members of Congress said from Grouch’s testimony. (the mail refused to comment) mail The story had been going on for weeks – as Blumenthal said, they couldn’t change the story as quickly as Kane and Blumenthal wanted it to. A Politico spokesperson said in a statement to Vanity Fair. “Although we were interested in submitting, the authors insisted on a guaranteed publication date that did not allow us to complete our process and meet our criteria.” The book’s apparent time constraints only raised more questions. “To be clear – Washington Post He didn’t pass on our story,” Ken wrote on Facebook on Monday. “Ralph and I took it to a debriefing because we were under increasing pressure to publish it so quickly.” Circumstances — including Grouch’s identity leaked online — prompted them, Blumenthal told me, to “publish in Sooner than we could have hoped.” “If there hadn’t been any leaks, it would have been different,” Blumenthal said. But “people on the internet were posting stories Dave was getting harassing phone calls and we felt the only way to protect him was to get the story out.” When the pair realized mail “They just needed more time and there was no clear sense of when to finish this process,” he said. They took the story to The Debrief, an outlet the two had published before and was “willing and able to move quickly.”

Now in the world, the reporting process is raising even more eyebrows. During the day interviews News Nation With both Grusch and Kean, it became clear that they had not seen photos of the alleged vehicle. NewsNation’s Brian Entin Kane asked about the lack of receipts: “He has credentials, but there are no documents he handed over, there are no pictures, and as a journalist, you want to see the documents; you want to see the pictures.” But Kane said the lack of documents or photos didn’t raise her red flags because “all of that information is confidential.” She believes it, she said, “because of all the sources I had that told me the same thing… I don’t think there was some conspiracy among all these people who didn’t know each other to make something like that”.

Even when extraterrestrial life has moved to the fore mainstream news media in Recently For years, the lack of first-hand accounts or physical documentation available to support such claims of such mysterious weather phenomena was a barrier to entry for many journalists and mainstream media outlets. a number to Publications Picked up story debriefing –some Pointing out their skepticism — since it was published, though times And mail he does not have. “What I miss about me is that there is still no one to say, I saw this thing. I touched this thing. or I got this thing back on this date. And over the course of 75 years of history, that’s always been the level of privacy that’s been missing in these stories,” a journalist said Jarrett Graf, who is currently working on a book about the US government’s decades-old quest to study UFOs, told me. “The deeper you get into your UFO coverage, the more it all feels almost like an intergalactic phone game.”

However, during his interview with NewsNation, Grouch charted what could be a massive escalation in what the public knows about the search for extraterrestrial life on Earth. “They’re retrieving non-human technical vehicles, which they call spaceships if you will, vehicles of non-human origin that have landed or crashed,” Grosh told the journalist. Ross Coulhart, claiming that the United States has even recovered “deceased pilots” from such things. “I thought it was absolutely crazy and at first I thought I was being duped, it was a hoax,” said Grosh. “People are starting to trust me. They come close to me. I have a lot of senior and former intelligence officers who have come to me, many of whom I’ve known roughly my entire career, who assured me they were part of a program.”

In response to the report, a spokesman for the Ministry of Defense Sue Goff He told NewsNation in a statement, “To date, AARO (All Area Problem Solving Office) has not discovered any verifiable information to substantiate claims that any programs related to the acquisition or reverse engineering of any extraterrestrial material that existed in the past or currently exist.” AARO follows data and investigates wherever it leads.”

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