Aaron Rodgers makes the most of his New York honeymoon: ‘He understands how to play the media’

Rodgers also sparked a surge of national interest toward a team that rarely draws attention outside of the tri-state. The NFL schedule setters have put the Jets into six primetime games this year, which is the maximum number of teams assigned to any team. (The new season will begin at home against league rival Buffalo Monday Night Football.) His arrival was a boon to the local media. the mail has been published No less than 200 Rodgers-related headlines in the past three months.

Coverage was not limited to the Sports Bureau. “Potential future Jet Aaron Rodgers gets an offer he can’t refuse – dinner at Restaurant Raw,” reads a headline in the paper’s Metro section. Zachary Kosin, the mailThe real estate editor, said his reporters are currently following what has so far proven to be an elusive scoop. “We couldn’t track down where he was going to live, even if he was looking anywhere,” Kosin told me. woman, A British tabloid published a blitz story in April claiming that Rodgers had bought a $4 million Manhattan apartment, but Kossin said that mail Unable to confirm. Rodgers himself said last month that he was staying at a hotel near the Gates facility.

“We have it on our radar for sure, so maybe it’s slow,” Kosin said. “One of my reporters is concerned that he’s renting, something that isn’t documented in public city records like purchases.”

It might, in fact, be hotel hopping. In a shocking coincidence, a friend of mine ran into Rodgers on Sunday while he was checking in at the Bowery Hotel.

Journalists who cover the Jets full time anticipate a season like no other. “It will definitely be a circus here,” he said. Zack Rosenblatt that covers aircraft for the athlete. Rodgers’ influence was immediately felt at the team’s facility at Florham Park, where a larger media presence has been shown to the Jets’ practices this spring. “Never before has TV seen #Jets (team off-season activities)!” WNBC anchor Bruce Beck chirp last week.

There wasn’t much competition for parking spots or seats at press conferences, Rosenblatt said β€” but that was life before Rodgers. “cursed,” He said Uzuma, the team’s tight end, quit last month after noticing the swell of reporters waiting for him. Not that Rosenblatt is complaining about. Increased interest in the team means more interest in its work. After Rodgers’ trade became official, Rosenblatt said he received a flood of requests to appear on television. “I think Aaron Rodgers is good for business,” Rosenblatt said.

Rodgers is known for being interactive and generous with his time in post-game presses and gags with reporters, a reputation he lives up to now with the Jets. Chris “Mad Dog” Russo, who dominated the New York airwaves with Francesa for years, believes it will help him navigate the often treacherous New York media waters.

“Rodgers is very good with the media, and that’s after losses,” said Russo, who now hosts a show on SiriusXM. “He gives you 15 minutes. He’s thoughtful with his answers. He doesn’t blow anyone off.”

β€œHe is doing his media responsibilities. It will help him a little bit.”

But Rodgers has usually reserved his top news commentary for McAfee, the energetic host who just signed a lucrative deal to join ESPN. Rodgers has appeared on McAfee’s popular show every Tuesday for the past three seasons, and those interviews have often made headlines. In 2021, Rodgers used the program to defend his decision not to get a COVID vaccine, while complaining that he was “in the crosshairs of the woke mob”.

Rodgers has avoided provocative comments like that since joining the Jets, and is content to – for the time being – focus on football and enjoying his new environment.


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